Downtown Los Angeles @ 5th & Spring: LAblocks

Here is the first episode of my new, hip, and–dare I say–awesome travel show, LAblocks.  If you haven’t heard of this show yet, I won’t hold it against you.  The hook of the series is that we explore Los Angeles “one block at a time.”  So, each episode takes you to a different underrated and totally amazing intersection of LA.  And in five minutes or less, we show you all the art, architecture, history, restaurants, stores, and stories on that block.

This first “block” almost has too much stuff to do. Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, 5th & Spring has gorgeous architecture from the turn of the 20th Century. In that era, this LA neighborhood was considered the “Wall Street of the West,” having several banks right next to one another.  Now those former banks have been converted into modern day stores, and man do they look cool. You can still feel the history of the Downtown Los Angeles buildings when you step into a bank vault to grab a used book at The Last Bookstore or walk through a safe on your way to the bathroom at intermission at the Los Angeles Theatre Center (LATC).

And if you’re at 5th & Spring on the second Thursday of the month, you can check out the Downtown LA Art Walk and might even encounter a street musician like Red Violet playing a killer tune on the sidewalk.  When you don’t want the party to end in Downtown Los Angeles, maybe grab a nightcap at BUZZ wine beer shop, where the libations keep flowing until 2am.

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Jul 2015
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