Traveling should be fun.  Even when it’s not fun it should be fun.  Like, the “look back at this and laugh” kind of fun.  I want to bring that fun of traveling to you through the pneumatic tubes of the internet.  A video, a picture, a paragraph–doesn’t matter the medium.  Same end result:  fun.

You’re a busy person.  I know that.  That’s why I boil down my thoughts into a concentrated, delicious stock of informative and entertaining insights.  Hopefully with each blog post you get a better sense of whatever place I’m talking about.  And maybe you laughed a little.  Or at least smiled and kind of nodded your head while thinking, “That’s funny.”

And yes, I’ve visited all the places I talk about.  Is that so hard to believe?

Hit me up at travelbugrobert [at] mac [dot] com and I’ll tell you even more about myself.