Robert Gets on a Plane to South America

Miami International Airport is one heck of a place.  It’s big enough to have those monorails to transport you to gates farther down the terminal.  Those monorails are great.  I like to pretend I’m in Disney World whenever I’m on one.  Of course, I’m disappointed when the doors open and I see an airport terminal, but for a few fleeting seconds, I forget where I am.  I think that’s a medical condition, actually.

Another perk of MIA: it’s really clean.  I didn’t think about it too much when I was there, but in hindsight, those janitors liberally applied elbow grease to those floors.

I think I like Miami’s airport so much because this place would be my gateway to South America.  I had never been south of the Equator before, so this was a pretty big trip for me.  By the time I recorded this video, I had already flown from LA to Miami for a good five hours and was about to board another plane that would be close to nine hours of flying, but at this moment, I was too excited to really think about exhaustion.

Aug 2011
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