Center for Puppetry Arts, Atlanta

This might not look like much from the outside, but this houses the Center for Puppetry Arts.  Basically, a puppet museum.  Why is it in Atlanta?  Not sure about that.  I didn’t think Atlanta had a strong puppeteer community, but this is where it’s at.  And they have a whole section devoted to Jim Henson’s puppets, including the biggies, like Big Bird, Swedish Chef, and Kermit.  I would love to have taken pictures of the puppets, but they forbid it, which is why you’re looking at a picture of a handicapped ramp in the parking lot.  Supposedly, the museum is supposed to open an entire wing devoted to Jim Henson in 2014, but I noticed the “14” was painted over “12” on the message, so they could keep painting over the date until they finally get enough money to open it.

The center also has puppets from around the world, which brought to mind the idea of Jung’s Oversoul (I bet you didn’t think I’d bring out that in a post about puppets).  Many cultures seem to have puppets going back to ancient times.  I guess something in our collective unconscious wants to control a representation of humanity through symbolic figurines.  That, or we all want to talk in funny, high pitched voices.

Check out the Center’s website here.

Nov 2011
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