A Good, Old Fashioned Carriage Ride: no turn on red

What better way to see New Orleans’ French Quarter than than on a horse drawn carriage ride?  It harkens back to a simpler time in history, a time when Henry Ford hadn’t yet thought of that newfangled horseless buggy.  The only thing is, if you take a ride, you’ll have to deal with all the modern technology N’awlins has now.  Like, horseless buggies.  I wonder if one of the steeds is named “Anachronism.”

I didn’t take a carriage ride when I was in New Orleans.  I have taken one before, though, in New York City.  My family and I, after eating at Tavern on the Green, chose to digest with a clip-clopping ride through Central Park.  This was the mid-90s, right after Home Alone 2: Lost in New York came out.  Well, it just so happened that our carriage driver was in the lesser-quality-but-still-highly-enjoyable sequel to Home Alone.  There’s one scene–more like a five second shot–where Kevin hides in a basket on a carriage.  Our driver was the guy that drove Kevin away!  To a young kid (which I was, at the time), this was big time stuff.  For a few glorious minutes, I was one degree away from Kevin McCallister, the kid that had a Talkboy tape recorder and ordered room service ice cream sundaes.

Perhaps deep down, I’ve never entered another carriage because I knew I would never top that New York ride.  I flew too close to the sun.

Sep 2011
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