The Cool Bus

The Cool Bus

I saw this bus when I was at the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa.  There’s definitely a story behind that bus, and if I may quote the majority of ‘80s standup comics, I think it went a little something like this…

A BUS DRIVER excitedly runs into the BOSS’ office.

BUS DRIVER:  Hey, boss!

BOSS: What is it now, Gary?

BUS DRIVER:  I got a great idea!

BOSS:  Is it anything like your last one?  I’m still getting calls from concerned parents about why you added airplane wings to a school bus.

BUS DRIVER:  I thought it would eliminate drag.  But this idea is even better!

BOSS:  You gonna turn a school bus into a submarine?

BUS DRIVER:  No.  (deep in thought, then)  But if I… no.  One idea at a time, Gary.  Boss, I’m gonna make… a Cool Bus.

The Boss stares at the Bus Driver for a long while.

BOSS:  What the hell’s a Cool Bus?

BUS DRIVER:  Well, you know a school bus?

BOSS:  Yes, I’m pretty familiar with school buses, Gary.

BUS DRIVER:  I’m gonna make one a Cool Bus.

BOSS:  I have a lot of stuff I gotta get done, so if you could get to the point–

BUS DRIVER:  I’m going to scratch out letters to make “School Bus” say “Cool Bus”!  And I’m going to paint the bus purple.

BOSS:  Purple?

BUS DRIVER:  The coolest color we got in the rainbow.

BOSS:  Are you going to dangerously alter the engine?  Add rocket fuel to the gas?  Install horizontal spikes on the tires like Roman Empire chariot races?

BUS DRIVER:  Nope.  Only gonna change the name and paint it purple.

BOSS:  Okay.  Fine, Gary.  You can do it.  Just stop bothering me.

BUS DRIVER:  Yeah-yuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The Bus Driver leaps in the air as we FREEZE FRAME.

Aug 2012
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