Iguazu’s Park Rules: first, get a Spanish dictionary

Ah, languages poorly translated into English.  It never get old for me.  I have a hat from Japan that reads “Is a foolish thing done seiously?”  Even if they included the “r” in “seriously,” it’s a weird sentence to put on a hat.  I mean, is that supposed to be an ice breaker?  Is someone supposed to answer the question when you talk to them, or is it just rhetorical?  Another gem on my trip to Japan was a shirt that reads, “Stride naturally, and look only on the upside.”  Good advice, except now my strides are always unnatural, since I’m trying to make them natural.  My strolls are still gangbusters, though.

This sign didn’t come from Japan.  It’s from the opposite side of the world: Argentina.  Specifically, Iguazu Falls, a massive national park that borders Argentina and Brazil.  I was heading to a boat that was to take me drenchingly close to some of the waterfalls (get ready for that video–it’s gonna be a doozy), and I came across the sign and its request for “no bluthing.”  I’m a traveler who respects local cultures, so I did everything I could to make sure I wouldn’t bluth in their National Park.  I tucked my pants into my socks.

Aug 2011
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