Hotel La Ferme, Quebec

There’s a great hotel to check out in the Charlevoix region of Quebec.  What is it?  Why, it’s Hotel La Ferme, the hotel in this video!  Inside the hotel, it’s like an IKEA with better made furniture.  And the hotel is really close to some great skiing, I hear.  I “hear” about the skiing because I visited in the fall, and even if I were there in winter, I wouldn’t be skiing.  I try to avoid opportunities to break my legs.  That’s why I never borrow money from gangsters.

Another great thing about the hotel: their restaurant, Les Labours.  This ain’t your American hotel restaurant that you eat at just because it’s convenient.  This place is legit.  And if you’re still hungry, why not hop on the Massif de Charlevoix Train for a gastro train trip, which just happens to have a station at the hotel?

Apr 2013
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