Some Good Southern Eatin’ at the Silver Skillet

Admittedly, I really didn’t plan for my trip to Atlanta, and I didn’t know much about the place before arriving.  I was ready to see and eat whatever came my way, and boy was I in good hands.  Lilly from the podcast Out There Atlanta helped guide me through the countless points of interest and mountains of delicious food Hotlanta has to offer.  Oh, by the way, “Hotlanta” is a nickname I thought of for Atlanta.  You should start using it.  I think it might catch on.

We started our day with a fantastic breakfast at the Silver Skillet.

The Skillet has been open since 1956, and it still has that old diner look to it, including those metal stools at the diner.

Being a Yankee, I wanted to try a “traditional” Southern breakfast, and boy did they have that.

Grits, two eggs over easy, some country ham (which is cured in a way that makes it super salty, but great to dip in the creamy, bland grits).  And then redeye gravy, an essential part of the country ham experience according to our waitress.  Lots of soy sauce in that gravy.  The ham was pretty seasoned already, so I didn’t have much of it, but I’m glad it was at least on my plate.

Not salivating yet?  Here are some closeups:

Just look at that amount of butter!  That’s some good diner food right there.

You know what makes grits even tastier?  Two pads of butter.  Yeah, totally did that.  But none of this food compared to their Lemon Icebox Pie.  Yes, it was 9 in the morning, but it was pie o’clock somewhere in the world.  This piece of pie was seriously delicious.

A Nilla Wafers crust, whipped cream, but that lemon filling–whew.  I don’t know what goes on in that icebox, but they need to keep doing it.

Oct 2011
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