“I don’t eat fish”

I took a tour of Iceland once.  Lovely people.  Beautiful country.  Other-worldly with all of its various landscapes.  Anywho, the tour went all around Ring Road, the road that circles the entire island.  We ate in restaurants around the country, as well as in locals’ homes.  And this one friggin’ lady on the tour, every time we stopped to eat, would remind our guide, “I don’t eat fish.”  Not because she was allergic, or for religious reasons, or because she was vegetarian and wanted to respect all living creatures—she just didn’t like eating it.  The woman’s in Iceland.  Iceland.  You know what Iceland has?  Fish.  That’s what they have.  They’re a tiny little island surrounded by an ocean full of fish.  And we go into a local’s home, where they have spent hours making a fish-based meal for us—because, remember, that’s what they eat in Iceland—and she doesn’t have the decency to stomach a little trout.

(I actually ate this in Buenos Aires, but Iceland’s fish was just as scrumptious)

You know how they talk about the Ugly American traveler?  A stick-in-the-mud tourist who is unwilling to adapt to a new culture while traveling?  This woman was the poster child of the Ugly American.  And “child” is a good word for her.  It was like she was refusing to eat her broccoli.  I’m getting a little too worked up over this.  Pump the brakes, Robert.  But seriously, when you go to Grandma’s house and she serves you crap food, you eat that food and lie and say it tastes great.  Just because you’re never going to see this Icelander again doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them the same courtesy.  And the craziest part was this was delicious fish.  It was caught, like, fifty feet away that day and wonderfully prepared.  Of all the times to give fish another shot, this would be it.  But nope, Ugly American Woman stuck to her guns.  All she ate was potatoes for the entire week.

Please, don’t ever be like her.  If you ever visit a place where the local food doesn’t meet your delicate sensibilities, for the sake of international relations, suck it up and eat.

Aug 2012
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  1. Mary Ann Laforet

    I agree. Eat what served or just push it around on your plate. I bet she didn’t touch the putrified shark either.

    Comment by Mary Ann Laforet on August 27, 2012 at 2:43 pm

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