Stuck in Ireland: thanks for that volcano, Iceland!

I haven’t had much time this week to blog as I travel, but I feel like I should mention my current situation. I was supposed to leave Cork yesterday, but Thursday night, when I was having a drink with a friend at the pub, they told me an Icelandic volcano erupted, and all flights to Europe from Ireland were cancelled until 11am. My flight was at 6am, so that meant I was not going to fly. I changed my flight to Saturday morning at 6am, and then Friday night, when checking my flight, I learned all flights have been cancelled Saturday until 1pm. I changed my flight again, this time Monday morning being the first available time.

So now supposedly I leave 6am on Monday.  But I was having breakfast this morning at the B&B I’m staying at (which, by the way, if you ever get stuck in Ireland because of volcanic ash, be sure to stay with John and Helen at the Glencairn B&B), and John showed me an article that said the eruption is getting worse.  The eruption is getting worse, not better.  That makes me think Monday morning might not be working out for me for leaving.

I’m at the point now where I’m thinking of taking a ferry.  I take a ferry to France, then take an expensive, high speed train to Amsterdam.  I need to get on the continent.  All the ferries might very well be booked, and I don’t even know where they leave from near Cork.  This is going to be a memorable trip, that’s for sure.  One again, Glencairn B&B.  Just outside of Cork.  Stay there.

Apr 2010
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