How do you say “selzer bottle” in Italian?

Look how tiny that car is!  It’s smaller than a Smart Car, which is pretty tough to do.  I don’t know the brand name of it, but looking at its size, it must be a Genius Car.  My Italian friend tells me that a car this size doesn’t even qualify as a car.  It’s so small, it’s considered in the same category as a moped, which means you can drive this thing when you’re fourteen years old.  Imagine, being fourteen and zipping around Rome in this thing.  Your voice hasn’t changed yet, but you’re able to make left turns on a yellow.

Aug 2011
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  1. […] has a lot of Vespas, but you probably already knew that.  You also probably knew Rome had tiny vehicles in general.  But there’s something about a Vespa that really excites me.  They just look so cool. […]

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