Worse Than Cinderblocks

Rome is a dirty city.  I’m not talking about the pigeons and the cigarette butts.  I’m talking about the rocks.  It’s like everywhere you turn, there’s some giant stone just laying there.  Hey Italy, ever think of buying a bulldozer?  Seriously.  And it’s not just the rocks that bother me.  It’s the fact that they put up these barriers to keep you away from them, like someone’s actually going to steal a rock.  Everyone always told me a Roman vacation (or holiday, for all you Audrey Hepburn fans) was romantic.  No sir. Not unless debris makes your heart go a flutter.  If I knew the city would look like this, I would’ve just stayed home and hung out at a construction site.


I’ve been forced to add this to my post.  Apparently, some people (cough cough, historians) claim that these bricks littering Rome are significant to western civilization.  Prove it.

Aug 2011
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