Kids Grab the Darndest Things

Rome has thousands of sculptures.  Frankly, by the end of my trip there, I was tired of looking at them.  I guess you could say I had a statue of limitations.  It’s disheartening, really, to get to a point where looking at beautiful pieces of art can no longer bring joy.  But seriously, they have so many sculptures.  The Vatican Museum alone can desensitize a person to intricately chiseled marble-work.  Maybe part of my problem was that most of the sculptures felt the same.  So many were busts of dead guys I’ve never heard of.  In his day, I’m sure Terentius of Falacrine was a big deal, but when his head is on a shelf next to twenty other marble heads, he doesn’t seem that important.

I was numbingly slogging through another room of these painstakingly created ancient wonders when I got jolted out of my funk.  I saw this statue.  Now this is what I’m talking about.  Whoever this artist was, he had a sense of humor.  Look at the snake’s facial expression.  He’s cartoonishly angry.  And rightly so, since this stupid kid picked him up.  This is about as hilarious as you can get from a two-thousand-year-old sculpture.  You know exactly what’s going to happen.  That kid’s gonna get his face bit.  If archaeologists ever unearth another sculpture from this artist, I’m guessing it will involve a banana peel.

Aug 2011
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