Maybe Newton Was Just Thirsty

Ah, the Roman aqueduct.  Can you believe that thousands of years ago, humans were able to conceive of and execute a way to have running water dispersed to all of Rome?  I certainly can’t.  And the craziest thing is, you can still drink from fountains throughout the city that are attached to these ancient water slides.

Rome Italy aqueduct drinking fountain

(Get your drink on at the Vatican)

These days, water is becoming a scarce resource.  They say the future wars of the world will be fought over water.  I’ve never seen Waterworld, but I hope that movie is as prophetic as I want it to be.  When you think about it, water  is kind of necessary for survival.  More necessary than oil, really.  You can’t drink oil.  Or bathe in oil.  You can cook with oil, but I’d be afraid to put petrol next to an open flame.  I think we have to look back to the ancient Romans to prevent those future water wars.  One word: aqueducts.  There you go.  Let’s make it happen, engineers.

Aug 2011
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  1. You haven’t seen Waterworld the Kevin Costner movie, but you are forgetting that you saw the Waterworld show at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka (circa 2005). When are you going to dig your Japan photos out of the archives, TravelBug?

    Comment by Kristen on August 13, 2011 at 11:03 pm

  2. travelbugrobert

    That’s true, but I feel the water show may have taken some liberties with the plot. Stay tuned for Japan pictures. They’re coming out soon.

    Comment by travelbugrobert on August 14, 2011 at 9:15 am

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