You can park anywhere with one of those!

Rome has a lot of Vespas, but you probably already knew that.  You also probably knew Rome had tiny vehicles in general.  But there’s something about a Vespa that really excites me.  They just look so cool.  Zipping along windy streets, weaving in between traffic, while a deep voiced Italian delivers a philosophical voiceover and everything is shot in black and white.

I’ve never ridden a Vespa.  The closest thing I’ve gotten to ride is a motorized scooter.  Now, mind you, Vespas are technically scooters.  For the SAT crowd, “Vespa” is to “Scooter” what “Kleenex” is to “Tissue.”  But the scooter I rode wasn’t gas powered and able to fit both a slender Roman beauty and myself.  No, this was a tiny electric scooter with a maximum speed of 14 miles per hour.  And it had a basket.  Not the sexiest thing to drive, especially when you notice an obese, middle aged woman riding on a better version across the street.

I took that baby up to 14, a very light breeze barely moving my hair.  I could hear the electric motor squeal out a high pitched noise, mechanically begging me to slow down.  After a block, I took mercy on the machine, made an extremely wide turn–the only turn size possible on this thing–and sputtered back to the starting line.

I can only hope Vespas are cooler to ride than that.

Sep 2011
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