TBR Special Report: Stuck in Ireland

So to catch you up, if you haven’t been reading my blog or opened a newspaper or turned on the news, one of Iceland’s volcanoes–the one with the really long name–started erupting.  Now, if we were living in the middle ages, that’d be fine.  We probably wouldn’t even know about it, until our crop fields got covered in ash.  But now that we have modern air travel, that volcanic ash in the air has prevented all European airline travel from happening.  Every flight has been cancelled, including mine.  Actually, to be perfectly fair, multiple flights of mine have been cancelled, since I’ve continuously tried to get on flights that departed later in the week.

And the funny thing is, Ireland is pretty close geographically to Iceland, so I’m really in the heart of the ash.  Come to think of it, that’s not really funny at all.  I’m trying to look on the bright side of the whole situation, and I’ve been able to visit friends in Galway that I wouldn’t have had time to see had I got on my flight days ago like I planned.

But enough writing.  Here’s a video update that explains my situation.

Apr 2010
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