Lessons While Traveling

I have safely returned to my home of LA after a month of traveling.  It was one heck of a trip, with stops in Ireland, Amsterdam, Bruges, Brussels, New Orleans, Orlando, and Washington D.C.  An eclectic trip, yes, but each leg rewarding in its own way.  Like all good trips, I learned a lot during my travels.  Here are some highlights of my schooling:

-Two weeks before a vacation is not enough time to break in new shoes.
-Few cities can be experienced in just one day.
-Buy flexible schedule airfare and train tickets.
-Don’t book early morning flights in rural towns.
-Almost every travel problem can be solved by spending a lot of money.
-A picture of a still camera with an “X” through it also means no video recording.
-Irish print models look like normal women (they have wrinkles).
-A swear doesn’t sound offensive when it’s said in an Irish accent.
-Volcanic eruptions, though rare, can seriously affect one’s travel plans.
-The world contains wonderful people willing to help during times of crises.
-The Black Eyes Peas song “I Gotta Feeling” is an international sensation.
-Six year olds playing recess are cute in any country.
-Whiny kids sound the same in every language.
-Falafel and kebabs are the cheapest meal in any European country.
-Belgian french fries really taste as good as they say.
-Free wifi hasn’t caught on in Europe.
-New Orleans’ French Quarter gets really creepy at night.
-A taxi driver can both be extremely racist and extremely good at driving.
-Disney World remains enjoyable even as an adult.
-The Washington Mall stretches much longer than a map would make it seem.
-K-12 teachers love taking their students on trips to D.C. museums.
-Traveling provides lessons and experiences to grow from, but after a while, it feels great being home.

May 2010
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  1. Hi Robert,
    can you drop me a mail when you get a chance.
    By the way,you came to Ireland and didn’t hit Dublin and Mayo! You have to come back!

    Comment by Susanne Carpenter on June 25, 2010 at 11:04 pm

  2. Yes, & has to come to Kilkenny next time, too!

    Comment by suz poppy on July 23, 2010 at 6:51 am

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