Amsterdam’s Sarphatipark: hard on spelling, easy on the eyes

Amsterdam may be one of the most relaxed cities I’ve visited.  And everyone living there can’t be pot smokers, so I don’t think you can attribute their relaxed vibe on just marijuana.   Whatever the cause, I like it.  Like, they have all those bikes, which is great for the environment and keeps you in shape, but it’s not the fastest mode of transportation out there.  They could be all driving cars or motorized scooters and get places much faster, but that’s not what they want.   It’s refreshing.  And then all the parks they have just keep that chill feeling going.  I went to a pleasant little park called Sarphatipark.  It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was just perfect for a little break from all the relaxing.

Amsterdam park

And the great thing about Sarphatipark is there’s a little place to pick up some delicious food right across the street called Romios Griekse Traiterie.  I had quite a delicious gyro from there, but they have more selection than that.  Some really tasty Greek food, and the kind of preparations that are just right to bring to a leisurely picnic in the park.

Aug 2011
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