D.C.’s Dupont Circle: a little park in a big city

Dupont Circle is this neat little park in America’s capital that’s completely surrounded by traffic.  With the grassy patches and benches, this urban getaway offers the DC workforce and any weary tourists a place to kick back, be it for a lunch hour or an entire afternoon. And if chess is your thing, it’s got that, too.

Jun 2011
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HI’s D.C. Hostel: great location, great price

If you need a cheap bed in a good, central location of Washington D.C., then this place is for you.  You couldn’t book a broom closet in a nearby hotel for the price they charge.  Just remind yourself before checking in that this place isn’t a hotel, it’s a hostel.  But with all the amenities (yes, a hostel with amenities!), it does border on something more than a hostel.  Sure, you still have to wear flip flops in the shower, but that’s a small price to pay for free wifi.

Jun 2011
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Washington D.C.’s National Mall

Travelers flock to this part of Washington D.C., and with good reason.  The National Mall is where all the action is.  Well, where all the museum action is.  This is the place to go to check out all the free and spectacular Smithsonian museums: Natural History, American History, Air and Space, Botanical Garden.  The list keeps going.  Plus, on both sides of the Mall you have the Washington Memorial and the Capitol Building.  Set aside a few days to explore this place, because just one day ain’t gonna cut it.

May 2011
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Lessons While Traveling

I have safely returned to my home of LA after a month of traveling.  It was one heck of a trip, with stops in Ireland, Amsterdam, Bruges, Brussels, New Orleans, Orlando, and Washington D.C.  An eclectic trip, yes, but each leg rewarding in its own way.  Like all good trips, I learned a lot during my travels.  Here are some highlights of my schooling:

-Two weeks before a vacation is not enough time to break in new shoes.
-Few cities can be experienced in just one day.
-Buy flexible schedule airfare and train tickets.
-Don’t book early morning flights in rural towns.
-Almost every travel problem can be solved by spending a lot of money.
-A picture of a still camera with an “X” through it also means no video recording.
-Irish print models look like normal women (they have wrinkles).
-A swear doesn’t sound offensive when it’s said in an Irish accent.
-Volcanic eruptions, though rare, can seriously affect one’s travel plans.
-The world contains wonderful people willing to help during times of crises.
-The Black Eyes Peas song “I Gotta Feeling” is an international sensation.
-Six year olds playing recess are cute in any country.
-Whiny kids sound the same in every language.
-Falafel and kebabs are the cheapest meal in any European country.
-Belgian french fries really taste as good as they say.
-Free wifi hasn’t caught on in Europe.
-New Orleans’ French Quarter gets really creepy at night.
-A taxi driver can both be extremely racist and extremely good at driving.
-Disney World remains enjoyable even as an adult.
-The Washington Mall stretches much longer than a map would make it seem.
-K-12 teachers love taking their students on trips to D.C. museums.
-Traveling provides lessons and experiences to grow from, but after a while, it feels great being home.

May 2010
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