Cedar Rock: Closed Mondays

When driving through Iowa, I wanted to visit Cedar Rock, a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
  I went on a Monday.

So… don’t do that.  ‘Cause they’re closed.

Oct 2012
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Enchanted World Doll Museum

(Mitchell, South Dakota)

Is that a doll museum or a fortress?  When I think of dolls, I don’t usually think “castle.”


Oh no.  They’re enchanted dolls.  The museum curators are doing the best they can to prevent these tiny sorcerers from breaking free.  It all makes sense.   And “World” is right there in the name—they want to take over the world!  Who knows how many dolls are in there, just waiting for an uprising?  It’s near impossible to gauge the size of their army, what with those Russian nesting dolls.  Let’s just hope that castle can hold them.  As long as it stands firm, we should be safe.  Only humans can open doors.  Then again, if velociraptors can learn how to open doors, it’s only a matter of time before humanoid dolls will catch on.  We’re all doomed!

Sep 2012
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Center for Puppetry Arts, Atlanta

This might not look like much from the outside, but this houses the Center for Puppetry Arts.  Basically, a puppet museum.  Why is it in Atlanta?  Not sure about that.  I didn’t think Atlanta had a strong puppeteer community, but this is where it’s at.  And they have a whole section devoted to Jim Henson’s puppets, including the biggies, like Big Bird, Swedish Chef, and Kermit.  I would love to have taken pictures of the puppets, but they forbid it, which is why you’re looking at a picture of a handicapped ramp in the parking lot.  Supposedly, the museum is supposed to open an entire wing devoted to Jim Henson in 2014, but I noticed the “14” was painted over “12” on the message, so they could keep painting over the date until they finally get enough money to open it.

The center also has puppets from around the world, which brought to mind the idea of Jung’s Oversoul (I bet you didn’t think I’d bring out that in a post about puppets).  Many cultures seem to have puppets going back to ancient times.  I guess something in our collective unconscious wants to control a representation of humanity through symbolic figurines.  That, or we all want to talk in funny, high pitched voices.

Check out the Center’s website here.

Nov 2011
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Washington D.C.’s National Mall

Travelers flock to this part of Washington D.C., and with good reason.  The National Mall is where all the action is.  Well, where all the museum action is.  This is the place to go to check out all the free and spectacular Smithsonian museums: Natural History, American History, Air and Space, Botanical Garden.  The list keeps going.  Plus, on both sides of the Mall you have the Washington Memorial and the Capitol Building.  Set aside a few days to explore this place, because just one day ain’t gonna cut it.

May 2011
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Bruges Half Moon Brewery: so THIS is how they make beer

The Half Man brewery has a wonderful tour, which is spoken in English, French, and Dutch–one of the benefits to visiting a multilingual country. It probably doesn’t hurt this is a top tourist destination for the international traveler, either. The tour covers how beer is made, as well as the history of the brewery and Bruges’ history with beer. Like, apparently in the middle ages, a peasant’s meal was a glass of beer because it was cheaper than bread. Those must have been some fun afternoons in the fields. And just wait until you get to the end of the tour. You’re going to flip out.

Aug 2010
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